Want to take some action shots and that too on a budget? Well, we’ve discovered the best action camera under 100.

Sample Videos of all action camera are attached below.

People like to be captured when they are enjoying moments such as hanging out with families and friends, going on tour, mountain climbing, hiking, and some mesmerizing views and moments, etc.

Everyone has some good or bad memories in their lives though people like to recall they are good memories again and again and for this purpose, they like to capture their good memories in a camera that is feasible to use, which has almost no weight with affordable action camera.

best action camera under 100 in 2020
Best Action Camera Under 100

Every field, every person has now addicted to this cheap and portable camera whether there is any shopkeeper, sportsman or even a homemaker, everybody uses it nowadays and this cannot be neglected. 0

Best Action Camera Under 100 (Comparison Table)

If we recall or go back to some previous years where people used to take big and heavy weighted cameras everywhere and could not afford, however, these people can miss memories but they cannot cheers those moments again because of not having these advanced technologies or cheap camera.

Image Description  Price
Best Action Camera under 100- Akaso Akaso V50 X (Editor’s Choice, It’s the BEST)

Native 4K + Shoots at 30 FPS
EIS Touch Screen
4X Zoom
131 Feet Waterproof Depth
Check Price
Best Action Camera under 100- Akaso-Brave 4 Akaso Brave 4 (Underwater KING)

Enhanced Shots in 4K 3o FPS Format
Waterproof Depth Level 100ft
Gyroscope is Built-in
Check Price
Best Action Camera under 100- Akaso-E7000 Akaso EK 7000 (Perfect For Hobbyist)

12MP 4K 25 FPS Video Quality
Wireless Remote Control included
Excellent WiFi range
Check Price
Best Action Camera under 100- Compark Campark ACT74 (Budget Option)

Excellent 4K Video
Great WiFi Coverage
Two Batteries included
Check Price
Best Action Camera under 100- Remali Remali 4K (New Entry)

Great Image Stabilization
Enhanced Video Quality
2 Touch Display
With Remote Control
Accessories included
Check Price
Best Action Camera under 100- Y2 Yi-Lite 4k

Recording in 4K at 60 FPS
Smart video presets
Long-lasting battery
Check Price
Best Action Camera under 100- Dragon Touch Dragon Touch 4K  (User-Friendly)

Full Accessories with Mounting Kit
4X Zoom
Sturdy Built Quality 
Check Price
Best Action Camera under 100- EKEN Eken HR-9
2-inch FHD Screen
Built-in WiFi & HDMI
Live Streaming Option
Compact but Versatile
Check Price

In contrast to this or making ease for those who like to adventure and record every exciting or joyful moment of life we are reviewing some light-weighted yet best action camera under $100. These cameras are easy to use and used by many vloggers, actors, and travelers.

These camcorders can be used by a normal citizen as well because the features are not so tricky therefore, people can easily use this and are using too. Thus, we have looked over some 4k action cameras before.

The purpose of reviewing this is by providing knowledge and make people informed about the advanced features of cameras within their range. So without more suspension, let’s take you to the world of best action cameras.

Best Action Camera Under $100

We searched a lot for the best action camera under 100.

In consequences of extreme demand of 4k action cameras, there is an excess of variety available in the market which has been the alternative of these GoPro 4k action cameras and available under $100 whereas some of them worth more than $100.

1. Akaso V50 X – (Best Budget 4k Action Camera)

Akaso has recently launched its V50 Pro Native 4k action camera. Which is a touch screen, waterproof with 20MP sensor, V50 using Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) for built-in with 6-axis which can detect position and motion of image with clear stability?

Videos can be made by moving or shaking the camera therefore, this is ideal for sports, skiing, and diving. External mics are also attached to it for video making.

V50 Pro provides with adjustment of angles of the action camera according to the needs. V50 is easily accessible at amazon at only 119.99 US dollars. Let’s have some look to its more amazing features and designs

Features & Design

As mentioned above Akaso V50 X is waterproof which makes this camera ideal especially for summers in water sports activities, it can capture the pictures or recorded videos underwater up to 30m.

It has an option of diving mode that can be on underwater and is specially designed for diving and cliff jumping. Hence it is appropriate for all conditions and environments.

• All the relevant accessories of this action camera are given while shipping with up to 90 days warranty, which urges people to buy and build more customer trust.

• This action camera has built-in Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth, which allow users to share their recorded images and videos instantly on social media.

This feature can be used by downloading an app I Smart Pro+ App on your phone or tablets and connect it with the camera. Furthermore, V50 can also connect with TV through HDMI ports, which permit people to see their exciting moments on big screens.

• The camera is used for testing and inspecting and many amazon suppliers use this for renewing the process of repackaging, functionality and another testing.

• The V50 X is rechargeable can come with two rechargeable with the range of 1100mAH therefore, the camera cannot go out of battery at vital moments.

• V50 X contains the only one which helps in controlling. Videos are recorded at quite amazing quality such as 144op/30, 720op/100 and 108op/60 frame range.

• V50 Pro has some complicated features as well as navigation is a bit tricky and complex.

• As talked above that V50 is environmentally friendly and can be used in every condition but in spite of this fact the camera can be problematic when the weather is extreme sunny

Some other pros and cons of V50 X:


  • It can make 4k videos at 60 FPS
  • It can be controlled with Remote through wrist control remote
  • It is very light in weight i.e. 2.6oz
  • It is touch screen means it is easy to use
  • It contains built in filters
  • It reduces the noises through external mics


  • No user friendly

2. Cross-tour (Best Underwater Action Camera Under $100)

Another best Go Pro alternative camera is Cross tour 4k action camera; it is a sports camera and it contains a high resolution of videos about 4MP, 5MP, 8MP, 12MP. It allows people to make videos at 4k/30FPS and picture resolution is up to 20MP which indicates that it covers seven layers of optical glass.

The camera is also adjustable and further, it provides 170-degree wide-angle adjustments too, which can make feasible for people to perfectly capture their lively moments.

The kit of the camera’s accessory contains all the necessary accessories like waterproof housing, which can make it possible for people to make images and videos under the water up to the depth of 30m.

Furthermore, a special camera case is also provided with a kit that will be used when you shoot underwater.

The camera contains a built-in Wi-Fi connection, once the camera is connected with the built-in Wi-Fi people can download or upload the pictures and videos. In addition to this, the Wi-Fi is also connected by the wireless wrist remote which is provided with the kit.

Cross tour has 2 batteries with a capacity of 1050mAh. People can make videos for only 90 minutes and it takes 2 hours for charging. However, the filming time can be increased as people can switch to the second battery once the first one runs out.

The camera does not come up with a touch screen which can be created trouble for users sometimes.

A lens that is used for Cross tour is fish-eye which might some people do not like.
As per the above discussion, Cross tour is come up with a waterproof case despite this it weakens the sound quality underwater.


  • It has 2 inch LCD screen
  • It is come up with wireless wrist remote
  • It come up with two batteries
  • It provides micro SD card slot
  • Light in weight i.e. 2.26oz
  • Provides Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Provides anti-shaking camera
  • Offers time-lapse recording services.


  • It is not user friendly
  • It does not provide availability of Bluetooth
  • It uses fish-eye lens
  • No touch screen

3. AKASO Brave 4 (Best Sports Camera Under 100 dollars)

AKASO Brave 4 can be said a user-friendly camera because it offers people to adjust the camera according to the needs and wants, ranges are adjustable between angles of 110 degrees, 140 degrees, and 170 degrees.

If you are looking for a camera that provides you an anti-shaking and stabilizes photography. Thus, for you, the above-stated feature will give you smooth quality in both photography and videography.

The process of editing the video and even sharing it to your social circle becomes even easier as you only need a free app

All you need to download that particular app on your phone or in the tablet then simply connect it with your camera. This camera provides a Wi-Fi signal up to 10 meters which is good enough.

If you want to connect the camera with your television screen then it is also can happen, all you need is HDMI wire.

If you are diving in the water and want to capture some moments at the depth around 30 meters, then you just need is to put a waterproof case to your camera.

The picture quality of this camera is not so well, it may turn out to be blur sometimes especially when pictures being captured underwater.

Two batteries are given with a camera that allows you to capture most of your favorite moments all day long without any problem.

Pros and Cons of AKASO Brave 4 camera:


  • Anti-shake ability to capture perfect shot.
  • It can shoot Shoot 4K at 24 FPS
  • 100ft Water Resistant (Perfect capture in under water)


  • Remote is not waterproof
  • Lens has no protecting layer

4. YI Lite (Best Sports Video Camera Under 100)

The Yi Lite is a professional camera which provides you wide range
1080p/30fps, 1080p/60fps, and 4k/20fps frame rates for videography.

It captures an image with the capacity of 16MP, this feature is being backed up by the Sony IMX206 image sensor.

An additional amazing feature of this camera is quite easy to control is, it has a touch screen of 2.0 LCD.

If you love to download captured and recorded photos and videos in your cell phone and share instantly on your social platforms, then yes this is for you.

Absolutely it allows you to download photos of its 5g and 2.4g Wi-Fi signals.
If you are away from this camera no problem even, you can control it within a distance of 100m away.

It has Bluetooth feature which as well provides you to connect within a distance of 10m, again it has good nine modes for shooting. Its SD card slot and battery booth are quite persistent.

Overall it provides good performance as many people use this for photo and videography

Pros and Cons of YI Lite 4K Sports Camera


  • Nine shooting modes are available
  • 130 min long battery life
  • The performance of an image sensor is excellent.
  • It can shoot even 4K shots at 20 FPS.


  • It doesn’t support OS effectively

5. AKASO EK7000 (Best Budget Action Camera 2020)

This is an ultra 4K HD action camera. The photo quality of the image of this camera is professional and classy, it provides you 2.7K 30pfs shoot quality.

It helps you to take the best shots with its 12MP camera quality also it allows you to change frames between 3 per second. It is also a beneficial and professional tool for vloggers.

It has 4 times better screen resolution capacity then any other HD camera has. It provides remote control wireless connection, users are allowed to use their own uniqueness to capture the best shop in their own way.

It gives you long battery life to shoot as much you want you can, with AKASA EK700 the processes related to recording videos. This camera is handy which means it is easy to use, control, capture, and shareability. It gives you a smooth performance.

It comes with 2 batteries long in its box, these two batteries are chargeable means no worries during logging and capture most favorite moments. The capacity of a recording of this camera is good enough is about 90 mints.

You don’t need to worry about the charging of this camera after every single shot because its a feature that enables you to capture most of your moments.

Certainly, but its remote is not waterproof which may give some hurdles in shooting near the water area, the rating is not affected by it because of its other professional qualities.
This camera can be withstanding rough climate conditions too, it will not stop you in any situation if you are a traveler.

Pros and Cons of AKASO EK7000 Camera


  • it can click 12MP photos at 30FPS capacity.
  • It comes along with two rechargeable batteries.
  • It has HDMI and Wi-Fi support too.


  • Can be said it has a bit low built quality

6. Compark ACT74 (Best 4K Action Camera Under 100 in 2020)

It has a Sony sensor and the video recording capacity it gives you is 4K/ 30fps and it captures photos at 16MP.

This camera provides you an open window to utilize your photography and videography skills to save most limelight moments of this beautiful world with high resolution which offers you to capture the best shots.

The lens quality of this camera is good enough which is 170 degrees, it comes with a full HD screen of 2 inches. You can save each of you moment in its SD card without worrying about it has 32 GB storage capacity.

This camera comes with Compark act74 which is well-suite for both IOS and android system, it is also can be controlled with the help of own smartphones, if you want to share photos and videos instantly yes you can share via emails.
You can even share your captured moments on most of the social sites.

The camera has its own cases which are waterproofs, this is an amazing thing that allows you to take the camera into the water at the depth of 30 meters.
The quality of that plastic which is used in protecting cases is not so well.

The user should be careful enough while capturing photos in the water.
This camera will provide you the best performance and features in terms of videography and photography.

Pros and Cons of Compark ACT74 Camera


  • Comes with Wi-Fi remote control stability
  • Quite handy to use and setup
  • Wide angle lens with 170+ capacity
  • Comes along with bag of full of accessories
  • Dual chargeable batteries


  • Short storage of Micro SD card

7. P-EKEN H9R (Action Camera with Mounting Kits Under 100)

The P-Eken H9R gives you amazing quality of photos it can use for professional purposes too. This camera came in the market with its unique and new features, which provides the user best performance. It also has the most highlighted feature which is live streaming.

This function is only available in Apple IOS smartphones. This function does not only make you able to stream live but also globally go live on Facebook and YouTube.

If you are far away from your family and friends somewhere enjoying hiking, paragliding or climbing even then you can share all your activities in photos representation. There is no doubt this will provide you best performance, it is such an action camera.

It has built-in Wi-Fi and HDMI support in it. Users will not face such difficulties regarding editing and sharing sports action via different mediums and sites.
The Wi-Fi signals of this camera have a range of distance up to 33 feet.

This camera has built-in support of the HDMI system, you can allow to display all your videos and photos on a television screen and play it in a slide.

If you love sports and trying to capture the best shot of it either diving, surfing, hiking, climbing and more, then yes you can with this camera because it has withstood extreme conditions.

This camera is not so steady as if talking about its live streaming feature performance whichever Facebook or YouTube or any other social platform.

It comes with two intensive batteries, these batteries are rechargeable. Hence the user will be fully free to shoot the best moments without any tension both batteries charge together and use accordingly without any interpretation.

Pros and Cons of P-EKEN H9R Camera with Mounting Kits


  • Live streaming capability is available
  • It can catch Wi-Fi signals at 33 feet long distance
  • For Apple EZiCam app is laidback in use
  • It has 2 LCD FDC


  • Short storage of micro SD Card

Requirements and criteria to Evaluate Affordable & Cheap Action Cameras for Use.

Do you have to consistently think before purchasing any camera about what your requirements are? Do you want to shoot professional photos? Are you a vlogger? Is this just your passion? Part-time work?

Do you love to explore nature either top to the mountain or deep in the sea? Similarly, you love sports and capture professional photos and share them instantly?

All you need is to go live with streaming on any occasion? If you want more adventure and save each of your moment and you need a camera with long battery life or stable shots or anti-shaking clicks?

You need to keep one most important thing in your mind is photo quality, for that search more and more self-homework matters a lot.

Check reviews about a particular model of camera that you need on YouTube. don’t buy any camera without collecting information as all you need to compare reviews then choose the best one for you.

Additionally, it is difficult to purchase an action camera that is very spontaneous to use.

If you do not have to know how to use an action camera you might miss some important and exclusive shots, then you will just say the camera is not working well I am not satisfied. You have to operate it in the right way for amazing photography.

4 Things you should know before buying an Action Camera below $100

Let’s explore in the depth into details and specifications, do you need to buy an affordable action camera and you have made a decision for buying a camera.

1) Battery Longevity

I am placing the battery on top because there is a reason that is you have plenty of battery time in your action camera it would be difficult for you to shoot outdoor or in a place where you cannot find charging spots near you.

Action cameras are generally used where you cannot find charging port or climate may be harsh too.

So, it is very important to realize the important role of the battery in action cameras, even many people buy a subordinate battery for their safe side because full charge batteries may help you to exclusively take shots in any situation without any trouble.

2) Portability & Compact Design

The action camera has totally different level when it comes to portability and compact design is being concerned. These cameras are easy to carry anywhere as these do not occupy much space, so videography has become easy.

Yes, it is a claim that smartphones are portable too. Yes, I totally agree with it but mobile phones have mostly low resolution if we compare it with an action camera the pixel is not clear in the smartphone which is the biggest issues too

3) Image Stabilization

The feature of stabilization is all-pervading and this is one of the main characteristics of any camera.it provides the smoothness in shooting videos without being worrying about shaking bumping or any other hurdle. Sometimes climate issues become an issue to shoot in steadily.

Their many latest cameras are in their market which can fully cover your need with their feature of anti-shaking which allows you to shoot in any situation instability mode.

It compensates for all reliable positions, shivering and shakiness or all unexpected angle change while recording or doing videography.

4) GPS

Having a GPS action that is enabled in cameras these days for travel vloggers and adventurers tourists as it will be a helpful tool for them to tag each location where they visit and can easily vital can put all geographical details on each photo.

6 Technical Aspects to know before getting an Action Camera Under $100

1. Versatility:

The product is being we are discussing is action cameras and the word action shows and clears the concept that what we are going to buy because most of the time versatility is what we need the most because actions acknowledge the different kinds of circumstances and tough situations.

Versatility is great to have which is depending on your needs, this feature you should consider in your budget action camera, which is truly in your camera.

Action cameras are being used in all kinds of sports and entertaining fun activities for vlogging or for passionate ones to record most of their favorite moments.

Action camera provides you the best videography than any other normal camera ever gives you.

Following are some considerations in this regard:

These features can make your action cameras extremely multipurpose and quite handy to use. Even these can make more photo and video quality better if you consider these things mentioned below:

a. Video
b. Stills
c. Lens
d. Photo Modes
e. Audio
f. Connectivity
g. Waterproof

2. Frame Rates:

Frame rates include the video and shooting playback. In a layman term, video can be defined as the series of pictures frame captured one another one. When these frames are played one by one without even a delay of 0.1 second it becomes a video.

It can be said that the human a from the naked eye cannot see that they are being shown a series of thousands of picture frames because they are fast enough to deceit a naked eye.

An. another concept of a picture frame is of the frame rate, when making a video, if you decide how many frames you need to capture and ultimately shown in a screen in a video in one second, this principle is known as the frame rate.

So, digging into the concept a little bit deeper, it is concluded that the frame rate is directly proportional to the frame rate per second.

In normal circumstances, the general frame rate per second is 25 per second; however, it is recommended that a higher number of frames per second will result in a better quality of the video.

One thing which is worth noting is that number of frames per second should be very high if someone wants to record a fast movement or fast-moving objects in the video and then after shooting it with a high number of frames, play the video at a normal or reduced frame per second could result in a slow-motion video.

Thus, it is concluded that if the number of frames per second is higher the quality or smoothness in the video will also be higher.

Other factors which need the attention of the video maker is that along with the frames per second, the frame size and the megapixels value of the frame also plays a vital role in making the video quality better.

Suppose, for instance, it can be argued that if a video is shot in 4K and the frame rate per second is 60, the end result i.e. video will be substantially good in terms of clarity and detail.

And yes next time when you see a video again don’t forget to look for the mode with a frame rate of 125 per second if you want to record a video in slow motion with better quality.

3. Weather Resistance:

The power to resist the outdoor weather and sunshine is one of the most important factors of any camera. As the Action Cams are to be used mainly outdoor they have some substantial weatherproofing measures. The most important four user-oriented qualities are as follows:


This is the power of the camera against the storm because the cams will be mainly used outdoor.

For example, in the United States of America, there are frequent tornados or hurricanes and it is highly likely that the camera will be used in these conditions. Thus, if the camera doesn’t have this quality it can’t be used in these conditions or will get destroyed.

4. Splash Proof:

This quality will allow video-makers to use a camera in the rain because it will prevent water from entering the camera. If the camera is used in rain the water will come inside the camera and consequently, it will get damaged.

5. Water Proof:

This is the most common quality, the camera will protect the camera from the water in a maximum depth of 35 meters. In order to record marine life or record video underwater, if the camera didn’t possess the water-resistance quality, the marine life can’t be recorded.

6. Ambient Temperature:

This feature will protect the camera from a high and scorching temperature of the desserts or beaches.

It has been seen in the recent times, the cameras get damaged by the direct sunlight or when it is used in the deserts the cameras cannot protect themselves from the direct sunlight, however, with this quality, the Action Camera can protect itself from the direct sunlight

Concluding the Best Action Camera Under 100

So, this was our detailed research about the best action cameras under 100 dollars. Each camera on our list has one distinguishing feature and all are very affordable. Pick anyone according to your needs. Which camera are you using already? Comment down below, We’d love to hear your words 🙂