I know you have been trying to download Bolse WiFi Adapter Driver but you can’t find it on the internet.

Don’t worry, I’ve all of the Bolse Wifi Drivers.

I am gonna share it with you all.

The WiFi card of your laptop might stop working. So, the quick solution in this scenario is to get an external WiFi adapter like this one.

A great thing about Bolse WiFi Adapter is it’s plug and play experience.

Bolse Wifi Adapter Driver Quick Installation:

If you remember the time when you purchased a Bolse Wifi Adapter, it came with CD containing all the required drivers for all types of operating systems including Windows, macOS and Linux.

Don’t you have that disk with you right now?

No problem…

Scroll down a little bit…

I have backed up my CD of Bolse WiFi Adapter Drivers and I uploaded it to my Google Drive.

Scroll down and I have listed all the drivers for your required Operating System.

Just a tip: Download this zip of Drivers and upload it to your own Google Drive just in case I lose my Drive (Just to be safe :D)

Alright, if you have your own CD of Bolse WiFi Adapter Drivers, then put in into your laptop.

Your computer should automatically detect it.

You might be interested to see some cameras used by your favorite YouTubers.

Otherwise, Open Windows Explorer or any file browser on your computer. Do a right-click on the DVD/CD Drive and click on Autoplay. As a result, your PC will detect if it is a driver’s CD and it will prompt you to install those Bolse WiFi drivers into your computer.

One thing to remember…

Select the appropriate driver based on the version of your Operating System.

Most Operating Systems come into versions: 32 bit or 64 bit. So you need to check with your manufacturer to see what version does your PC comes with?

You can also use free software like CPUz. Download and install it. Finally, open it and it will tell you all the specifications of your computer including the version that is: 32 bit or 64 bit, etc.

Now that you have the drivers of Bolse WiFi Adapter installed into your computer, I want to share some pros and cons of this Bolse WiFi Adapter that I have experienced.

Here we go:


  • The best part is – it’s a USB adapter.
  • Just plug it in and it works right away.
  • It’s high-speed – 1750 Megabits per second.


  • It is just an adapter; it can’t increase or double your internet speed. You gotta upgrade your internet connection if you are not satisfied with your connection speed.

Bolse WiFi Adapter Driver Download for Windows 7:

Like you, I searched the whole internet but I was not able to find a link to download Bolse Wifi Adapter Drivers and I wasted a lot of my time.

Thanks to the manufacturer who emailed me the drivers and I made a copy of them on my cloud storage and now I am sharing with you all.

I know most people don’t care about the CDs of drivers when they first purchase a new device and they just throw it away in the garbage and the same was the case with me.

Then, I regretted it for a few days and then an idea struck my mind and I contacted the company who made Bolse WiFi drivers.

They sent me these drivers. I am a Windows User but I requested them to send me all the drivers for all types of operating systems so that I can share with those who may need it and guess what – you found me. Thank you.

So grab these drivers as soon as they disappear.

In case you are a Linux user, the installation of these Bolse Drivers is a little bit different but not difficult.

Just read and follow along…

Just open up the command prompt or whatever it is called in the world of Linux and write the below commands one by one.

After following these commands, the driver should be installed into your Linux device.

The drivers that I have shared here will work for almost all devices especially those with 150 to 900 Megabits per second speeds.

So, there are 100% chances that your device will work fine after installing these drivers.

Bolse WiFi Adapter Driver Download for MacOS

When I contacted the Bolse Adapter Manufacturers, I did not forget my MacOS friends.

I grabbed these drivers for you as well.

Installation of Bolse Wifi Adapter Drivers in your MacOS would be different. Just do a Google search and you’d be good to go.

Now, let me share these drivers with my Linux friends

Bolse Wifi Adapter Driver For Kali Linux

My beloved friends who are using Linux!

Now, after you have downloaded these drivers, you need to follow these commands:

sudo apt-get install Realtek-rtl88xxau-dkms,

After you run the above command, run it one more time to check if it says something like “Power your Kali” etc.

Now, remove the USB adapter and turn your machine on once again.

If the USB is recognized, you will get a notification.

Now, open the Command Prompt and type these commands:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

However, if these commands fail, try this one below:

sudo apt-key adv –keyserver hkp://keys.gnupg.net –recv-keys 7D8D0BF6

If still, these commands do not work, you need to restart the network manager using this simple command.

sudo systemctl restart network-manager

Now, you need to run this command and you will see if the adapter is working now or not.

iwconfig ifconfig

Restarting Kali Machine to get Bolse WiFi Adapter Drivers working:

Sometimes, when you restart your Kali device, the adapter won’t work and there is no need to worry.

This is a one-time procedure that you need to perform in order to get your adapter working all the time, even after restarting it a thousand times.

So, here is a simple procedure.

Disconnect the Bolse WiFi adapter and start your Kali Machine.

Now, login when your computer boots up.

Now, connect the Bolse WiFi Adapter with the USB port of your Kali device and run this command.

sudo systemctl restart network-manager

Now, you can see that the adapter starts working and it will not stop anymore.

What chip is used for Bolse Wifi Adapter?

If you are using Bolse WiFi Adapter, you may wonder what chipset is this amazing WiFi Adapter made up of?

Let me tell you, the Bolse WiFi adapter is really affordable but its build quality is up to the mark.

Chips decide if the adapter will perform well in the long run or not.

Let’s clear the confusion…

Bolse WiFi Adapter is composed of…

Real-Tek 8814 AU chipset.

The company behind this powerful chipset is Real-Tek and you all know how popular it is among us, adapter users.

Does Bolse WiFi Adapter double internet speed?

But why do we use adapters? Do they increase our internet speed?

After using this adapter, you will realize that just keeps your internet signals steady. It cannot double the speed of your internet.

Well, for that, you need to pay more to your Internet Service Provider. Simply investing in an adapter like a Bolse WiFi adapter, cannot increase your internet speed.

So, the actual difference is observed when you are living in areas with hills or mountains where your WiFi signals drop from time to time.

That is the only reason people invest in a good WiFi adapter such as the Bolse WiFi Adapter.

If you bought it thinking that it will increase your internet speed, sorry, make another wish, this wish cannot be rewarded.

Why use Bolse Wifi Adapter with Windows Devices?

You know what I like about Windows 10 the most is the easy installation procedure of external devices.

You just grab a USB device, plug it into your Windows 10 device and boom – it starts working. Well done, my dear Microsoft!

The support of Bolse is great, they will help you online and will get these drivers installed into your machine if you still are unable to download these.

What is the alternative to Bolse WiFi Adapter in 2020?

Other than Bolse and RealTek, Net Gear is producing affordable yet high-speed adapters.

So, I thought why not share one of their best adapters with you all.

Let’s dive right in…

I was using the Bolse WiFi adapter previously, but I switched to Net Gear because it supports even the 5GHz band. So the connection is more powerful and dominant.

The installation of Net Gear is very easy in Windows. Just connect it and it will start working, right out of the box.

I know you may have gotten tired of this Bolse WiFi Adapter.

You may be thinking of getting a new one but an affordable WiFi Adapter.

Most of us may have budgetary issues while getting a new adapter. That’s the reason I got this Net Gear Adapter because it is cheap and within my budget constraints.

How to install Bolse Wifi Adapter Drivers when you don’t have the disk?

I’ve shared my cloud drive links, you can download all the drivers here. BOLSE WIFI ADAPTER DRIVER

What is the name of the chip used in the Bolse WiFi Adapter?

The chip is manufactured by Realtek. The model number is 8814 AU.

Can this work with my 360 Xbox?

Yes, it works with all WiFi-enabled devices.

What is the length of the included cable?

The length of the included cable is 2 ft.

Conclusion: Bolse WiFi Adapter Driver Downloads

I had to cover everything related to Bolse Wifi Adapter Drivers to make it easy for everyone.

If you think that you may need my help, you may comment down below or you can bookmark this page to see this information in the future.

This amazing Bolse WiFi adapter even works with Raspberry Pi. This adapter has a bigger antenna than some other adapters in this range.

With this adapter, you can move around in your home and still, the signals won’t be affected. I think it’s due to its bigger antenna.