Yes, you can upload audio on Facebook. You may want to record audio on your phone and upload it directly to Facebook or you may want to upload audio songs on Facebook.

Everything is possible these days.


Facebook is a popular social media platform that allows you to connect and share moments with your friends and family online.

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Facebook also allows you to share your social activities you can share your thoughts, post pictures/videos, create your own profile, share links, send private messages and many more.

7 Quick ways to upload any audio file to Facebook



Dropbox is a personal cloud storage service that is frequently used for file sharing and collaboration. It uses the cloud to store files.

These are the ways how to upload from dropbox to share an audio file to Facebook:

1- First of all you have to create your Dropbox account.

2- Then just click the upload icon and select the audio you want to upload on Facebook.

3-  When the audio is uploaded it will display on the file list then you just click the share icon.

4-  Then a window will be shown when you click on create a link icon, the shareable link is displayed and then just copy it.

5-  After that sign in your Facebook account and paste the link to post audio on Facebook directly.


can i upload just an audio file to facebook

SoundCloud is a European online audio distribution platform and music sharing website based in Berlin, Germany that enables its users to upload, promote and share audio.

These are the instructions that how you upload audio on Facebook by using a sound cloud:

1-  Similarly create your Facebook account and then sign in from Facebook.

2-  After that, you have to log in to your account and press the upload icon to share the desirable audio. Then enter the music information Scroll down the webpage, tick the checkbox before “Share on Facebook”.

3-  Then press the save button after that it is asked from you to sign in to Facebook. Then audio automatically uploads on Facebook.

To save your time, watch this simple video:


how to upload a podcast to facebook

Grooveshark was a web-based music streaming service.

Like the previous services I shared above, you can also upload audio on Facebook by using Grooveshark. It has also steps to upload audio on Facebook. Following are these steps:

1-  First of all, you just navigate the Grooveshark.

2-  Then find the music you want to share with your friends.

3-  Press the ”+” button near the track and then click on” share song” and after that on “Facebook

4-  When you click those buttons then there is an option to enter text or status update with your audio.

5-  When you press share link then your friends able to playback the audio file with grove shark within Facebook.

How to Upload a Podcast to Facebook? 

We use several procedures to upload podcasts on Facebook which is:


As you know that sound cloud is a music sharing website that is used to upload, share and promote audio. 

These are the steps via we can upload a podcast on Facebook:

1-  First of all, you have to create your sound cloud account.

2-  After that, you sign in your sound cloud with your Facebook ID

3-  Then there displays an icon of upload you just click on it. After that choose a file that you want to upload.

4-  Afterward the option arises of description, tags, and title you just fill these blocks according to your wish.

5-  The podcast automatically uploads on Facebook.

Podbean(as a post link or video):

The same is the case is, here to upload podcasts on Facebook by using Podbean.

1-  Firstly you log in to your Podbean account and press the icon of setting and sign in with Facebook.

2-  Later, you have to click the pencil icon to display your podcast on Facebook.

3-  If you check the option of post link then the URL of your episode is published. This makes you able to click on it and you can open the episode in a separate window. 

4-  But if you press the option of “upload as video to timeline”. Then your published episode is shared on Facebook as a video and directly played on Facebook.

How to send an audio file using Facebook Messenger?

1-  First of all open your file manager app.

2-  Navigate to that folder where your desire file is kept.

3-  Then select the file

4-  Here arise the option of messenger just click on messenger.

5-  If you want, then write a comment use of comment is optional.

6-  Afterward choose the person to whom send your audio.

7-  Blue button mark send has appeared on the screen.

8-  Done.


If you want to send audio on Facebook, you did not directly send it from Facebook for this you need messenger which is attached to Facebook.

You can send audio in messenger.

1-  First of all you press the record button.

2-  When the audio is recorded you just release the button.

3- To send your audio immediately

4-  If you want to cancel the audio just slide your finger away from the record button before releasing it.


1-  Firstly sign on your Facebook.

2-  Then press the message icon which is located on the left side.

3-  Then navigate bar and which is denoted by speech bubbles icon.


1-  Firstly mention the name of the person to whom you can send audio.

2-  Then the message explaining the contents of the file.

3-  then click the paperclip icon which is located on the lower right corner of the message window.


I searched the whole internet to find the best ways to post an audio file to Facebook. These are the easiest ways to upload the audio podcast to Facebook. Using these free services, you can upload audio files to Facebook.