If you are a teacher, student, doctor or some other professional, then you might need these portable microphone and speaker for presentations at some point in your life.

There are a variety of portable microphone speakers in the market, but choosing them based on your preference can be a hectic step.

This speaker helps amplify the sound so you can communicate with your audience in a better and better voice.

But no need to panic, in this article we are offering you a review of the best Portable Microphone Speakers that will be of benefit to you.

Name Best Feature
WINBRIDGE S92 Pro Wireless Voice Amplifier 25 Watts Loud Speaker for Presentation.
Well worth the extra money.

Hisonic HS120B
Built-in UHF Wireless Microphone.
Perfect Sound system for an outdoor wedding.
PRORECK FREEDOM 15 Built-in Equalizer plus an affordable price.
HISONIC HS122BT-HH Lightweight with built-in rechargeable & replaceable high-capacity battery (Li-ion)
Hisonic HS700 True RMS Built-in Dual VHF wireless microphone system
SHIDU Bluetooth Speakers Multi-functional PA System with Bluetooth
ION Portable Microphone and Speaker Good Battery Backup for Long Presentations
Pyle PWMA200 Mic and Speaker for Presentations 2 Mics – Wireless Lavaliere + Long Wired Mic
Duafire Voice Amplifier Portable Microphone with Speaker Extremely Small & Portable.

1. Winbridge Portable Microphone and Speaker for Teachers


  • It supports USB flash drive
  • 25W output power
  • Bluetooth 4.0 supported
  • Can paired with Smartphones easily
  • Convers sound around 2500 meter area


  • Volume setting is little bit tricky
Portable Microphone and Speaker for Teachers

Winbridge S92 has many praiseworthy features in it. If you are really interested to buy an excellent Portable Microphone and speaker for presentations & also for your students you must give a chance to this speaker.

Strong built speaker:

The main speaker unit of S92 is well constructed and beautiful in design. It looks impressive and has responsive and well-positioned controls. These are very easy to use speakers.

Sound Quality

The sound is loud but doesn’t feel a burden to you. This speaker is capable to produce a clear sound that is presentable to almost 150 people easily.

This will be clear sound without echo, treble, and bass and entirely distortion-free.         


S92 comes with Bluetooth 4.0, which is too reliable and allows you to place anywhere you want and operate it.

Its Bluetooth has an impressive range of almost 50 feet. It’s mean you can use its mic at a distance of 50 feet.


S92 does not only allow you to listen to music or using by Bluetooth, but it also gives you an adequate power supply. Its battery gives you 2 hours of freedom to use while fully charged.

2. Hisonic Mic with Speaker for Presentations


  • Multiple connectivity (Supported with laptop, MP3 player and many more)
  • Incredible sound quality
  • VHF and UHF system
  • Too much light in weight


  • Built is not much strong
Portable Microphone and Speaker for Presentations.

It would not be wrong if it was said that the HS120B speaker is a complete package for all types of users.

Hisonic’s name also guarantees this confidence, and its speaker’s features make it even more admirable. Let’s review its features with us.

Roaring and Live

The Microphone Speakers cannot be praised unless its volume is being tested and for the best volume, there is nothing better than Hisonic’s HS120B. it has plenty of loud and clear volume.

It sounds so good you won’t believe your ears if you look at its size.


When it comes to portability, this Microphone Speaker is outstanding. It is very light in weight with only 6 Lbs. it is unbelievable in respect of its performance.

You can move it easily and place it where you want effortlessly, this speaker will not make you feel uncomfortable.

Strong Specs

With the help of its 6.5 inches 40 Watt speaker, this is an amazingly effective PA system.

Moreover, for the amplification of sound, it has a UHF wireless microphone system.

You will be able to utilize this speaker either with 16 channel handheld microphones or operate it free of hand by using a wireless belt-pack transmitter.

Multiple ways for use

Hisonic gives you multiple options to power up this awesome microphone speaker including 12V DC with the help of cigarette lighter, 120 V AC with a power cord and a rechargeable battery that gives ultimate power backup for 8 hours. This speaker is suitable for use in a hall or a room as well.

3. Proreck Portable Speaker with Microphone


  • Built-in Equalizer
  • 2 wireless microphones
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable price
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery
  • It supports USB and SD card reader


  • The battery is not much powerful

Proreck Freedom 15 is not just an ordinary microphone; this is a sensation in DJs and music artists.

This speaker not only puts Freedom in the name but in fact gives you the freedom to use it wherever you want.

When playing with Karaoke, this portable microphone speaker gives the best result as compared to others you can also use this Portable Microphone and speaker for presentations.


Portability is the biggest feature Freedom 15 has. This is compact and small in size but doesn’t underestimate this microphone due to its small size.

This is highly capable to meet the requirements of any DJ or music enthusiast with its booming HQ sound.

Teaching is Easy with Proreck Freedom 15

Since Proreck crafted this microphone portable and lightweight, this is suitable for motivational speakers, coaches/ trainers, teachers and priests and any place where there is a congested place is available in a limited gathering.


This state of the art microphone speaker has responsive controls and easy to use features.

It comes with 2 microphones that wirelessly connected with the main speaker with the help of Bluetooth, so you will be free to concentrate on other commitments.

Further, remote control is also included with Freedom 15 for much easy controlling. You will think that there are lots of things that came with this Portable Microphone and speaker for a presentation

4. Hisonic Speaker with two Portable Microphones for Presentation


  • Sound amplification is great
  • Easy to carry
  • Powerful battery
  • Value your money


  • Design is old fashioned

Hisonic has made a huge name for speakers and other audio devices, as evidenced by consumer comments.

HS122BT microphone is also a testament to the company, whose quality and ability are specially taken into account in its manufacture.

High Sound

HS122BT is armored with 40 Watt speakers, which gives immense pleasure with its sound volume and clarity even in a very noisy place.

VHF channel with two Bluetooth microphones increases its performance just like its previous model HS120B.

Healthy Design

Hisonic HS122 BT is well built and robust designed microphone speakers. They have incredibly won the race against their competitors if we take a look at their connectivity and input options.

You can use it with your iPhone, Smartphone, Laptop, and any other device wirelessly.

Versatility on its Peak

This is portable and versatile also that’s why this is easy to bring and handle.

This portable microphone speaker is the right choice if you are a lecturer, trainer, presenter, and instructors. 

With a frequency range of 174.00 MHz-216 MHz and Input Power of AC 110V/60Hz. Moreover, the VHF transmission range is about 100 feet.

These combine specs make it the perfect and indispensable for professionals.

5. Hisonic HS700 Microphone with Speaker for Presentors


  • Great sound quality
  • Awesome portability
  • Carrying handle
  • Multiple using options


  • Unclear documentation

Hisonic is growing day by day by producing amazing speakers for professional use.

In fact, whenever we speak about the best microphone speakers, this review will feel incomplete without mentioning Hisonic HS700.

Let’s see why it is important to mention this.

Hisonic HS700 is Moveable

Mobile is the other word that completely describes HS700.

This microphone speaker offers you a sense of portability; with the help of wheels and carrying handle HS 700 is fantastic and portable.

However, it weighs 9 lbs, who cares when the wheels are available to transport here to there effortlessly.

Sound Quality

Hisonic HS 700 has roaring 75 Watts speakers which can optimize the sound volume with quality whether you are using it outdoor or indoor. It produces superb sound with clarity, accurate tone, and reality.

Connection made easy

This speaker features the best connectivity among other qualities; a broad range and powerful Bluetooth that helps your microphone speaker to connect to your smartphone and mp3 player.

There is also an additional input which is as useful as Bluetooth for you.

Responsive Controls

Excellent controls are required to achieve good sound and performance, and this microphone speaker has no gaps in these slots.

HS 700 is easy to understand with amazing and responsive controls, it is undoubtedly worthy of praise.

6. SHIDU Bluetooth Speakers with Microphone


  • Astonishing design
  • Multiple usage options
  • Great sound
  • FM and Recording options
  • Easy to use wireless microphone


  • The battery of mic is not included in this package

So far from the reviews we’ve made, this portable microphone speaker is different because of its functionalities.

Thanks to SHIDU, who has taken the step of thinking well for the consumers. It’s not just an ordinary portable speaker, it’s a multi-function machine.

Let’s review its features.   

How does it sound?

SHIDU’s portable microphone speaker comes with a 30W speaker that is good in class.

This speaker produces optimized results, crystal clear sound with the coverage up to 300 people deprived of unwanted noise.

Usability and Connectivity

SHIDU uses the latest techniques in their speakers that enable it to connect with other devices faster and stable as well.

This portable speaker gives a new height in terms of connectivity. Its Bluetooth has an impressive range of 33 feet.

Further, this speaker allows you to play music by the USB port, AUX input or SD card too.

Its functions do not end here; it has an FM and recording system so you can enjoy the music any way you want.


This PA system is powered with a mighty battery that provides power to this portable microphone 5 to 6 hours at full volume.

And thanks to its less weight, this PA system is shockingly portable and easy to carry.

7. ION Portable Microphone and Speaker (The best on our list with huge battery life)


  • Long Battery life up to 50 hours.
  • It has Bluetooth.
  • Light Weight
  • You can get Aux input with it.
  • Microphone.


  • No cons found.

So I am going to share my experience with you because if you want to buy something then I think an experienced person can tell you better because he/she has tested the thing you want to buy.

I have this Portable Microphone Speaker that I used 7 years before for the presentation, but I want to change it because of some times we want to change.

So I decided to upgrade because of the new technologies coming day by day & it is much better than the old one because everything is changing to the micro-level they use micro-technology.

If I tell you about the usage of mine about this microphone speaker then listen sometimes I use it for small home parties & small gathering at my home instead of making my throat unusable after speaking loud.


It has long battery timing that is the basic need of everyone who wanted this portable microphone Speaker because if you want portable that means you want to use it anywhere. So the battery is an important factor.


It has a professional Mic that is very helpful for you to speak in the little gatherings & parties.

The main thing that makes it different from others is the Bluetooth connectivity.


Don’t worry about the weight of this Portable Speaker it is lightweight that can be easily carried at anywhere with you where ever you want.

8. Pyle PWMA200 Mic and Speaker for Presentors (with Audio Recording)


  • It has the availability to use the USB & SD Card, Reader.
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The battery can be rechargeable.
  • Feature available to record the audio.
  • Wireless Mic.


  • Headphone Jack not available.

If you are a life coach or you have to speaks mostly in some little events or you want to convey your message to the small company events then I think this device is very suitable for you.

As we all know when we are making an event or a little gathering in our houses most of the people that we called are mutual friends of ours,

So they are busy talking with each other. Some of them drinking with there loved ones. 

So at that time if you want to address something to them then it is very difficult for you. So by overcoming this solution, you may need a microphone and a portable speaker.

So in this way, you can convey this message to all of them & later on nobody complaining to you that they didn’t listen.

If you want to know about my honest opinion then close your eyes & get this because the product itself is very awesome.


Battery timing according to your desired. This Portable and Microphone Speaker for presentation has 2AA Batteries that make it more useable for even 2,3 days without charging.

A Portable Microphone and Speaker for Presentations

Size &Weight:

As the name suggests the portable Microphone speaker so it confirms that you want to take it somewhere with you wherever you want.

So Yes It weighs just 6.7 pounds that can be easily carried with you anywhere.

9. Duafire Handy Microphone with Speaker for Students


  • Very Small in Size.
  • Long Battery timing up to 12 hours.
  • Charging time approx 3 hours.
  • Very Lightweight you can guess 
  • The sound range is approx 400 sq meters


  • For small gatherings only.

Let’s dive into another.

This is the last best Portable Microphone and speaker for presentations on our list. This is also the best version of the presentation. Basically most of our users said this to the pocket voice amplifier & it provides the best & amazing in performance.

One of the Lightweight portable microphone speaker.

Most teachers have to do presentations in classes on a daily basis and have to deliver the lectures to students by using this device.

In this way, teachers don’t need to speak loud and they can also deliver their message to their students.

Amplifier & computer mp3 speaker can work at the same time & I think it is the best feature of this Amplifier.

What is the best portable microphone with speaker for presentations?

The best handy speaker with mic is designed by Ion. You can read its pros and cons on this article.

Which speaker has the longest battery?

This Ion Rocker Plus’s battery lasts for 50 hours straight on a single charge.

How do I connect a portable speaker with my phone’s bluetooth?

All the speakers reviewed above on this page support Bluetooth connectivity. Just press the Bluetooth button on the speaker and on your phone, turn the Bluetooth on and the connection will be established.


If you still have any questions about Portable Microphone and speaker for presentations then please let us know, DM us on instagram, or comment down below.